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All About Precious

I'm Precious. Ok, so it's really Krista, but my husband, Vince, has called me Precious from the time we started dating.  It's gotten to the point where people aren't sure that it's not my real name.  Even if they call me Krista, they know me as "Precious."  :D

Who am I?  Well, here's the dry stuff:  I'm 45.  I'm married to the love of my life, Vince.  We have five children between us, ranging from age 20 to age 9 -- three girls, two boys.  I am the baby of my family married to an only child.  I think that's enough said about that.  Laughing  

I am a veteran, former active duty Air Force.  I am also a former Air Force brat.  I've lived all over the place, domestic and overseas: North Carolina, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, Germany, Illinois, Okinawa, Arkansas, and currently residing in Missouri.  You have no idea how often I get asked how I ended up in Missouri.  It's gotta be love.

I was also a single mom of my own three for 7 years before Vincent rode up on his white horse (okay, so it was really a little Z-3 roadster, but it's the thought that counts, right?) and swept me off my feet.  I also taught first grade for five years which was, perhaps, one of the most challenging, entertaining and fulfilling times of my life.  I learned more from each of my students than I could have ever taught them.

Now.....off to jiu jitsu (and probably some other stuff thrown in, too!)


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